Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Entry #1

Are some forms of media such as books, radio or vinyl records becoming obsolete? 

What forms of media are replacing those that are disapearing?

Forms of media that are replacing those that are disappearing such as books and the radio or even vinyl records are the Ipad, Kindle/kobo, Ipods, laptops and the internet. I don't find it a bad thing because humans are always evolving and changing their ways.

When a medium is lost, how does it effect our culture?

Some times when a medium is lost it doesn't effect us or our culture what so ever. It slowly just disappears without really ever being noticed. Of course there are some of those die hard fans that will devote the rest of their lives to the lost medium among pop culture but the mass media doesn't recognize it as a loss. Some lost mediums have a huge affect among pop cultures but are always evolved into another medium such a the eight track. It was just evolved into a mp3 player or an Ipod.

What might be the difficulties or dangers in new media?

The difficulties or dangers that can come with new media is antisocial tendencies  we as humans need other humans in our lives to be happy. Another danger is our health, depending on how much new media evolves we could be experiencing more and more unhealthier people and many more who suffer from depression.

-Danica Auger